Don’t live for the future

Right now, life is going pretty good for me. I have a new car (new to me at least); my own money to spend; good friends; a good family; and a bright future ahead of me. However, that doesn’t mean that my life is perfect.

For almost the past year I’ve worked two jobs because my first job wasn’t able to give me enough hours, and it’s stressful having to worry about juggling two after-school schedules with school activities in between. I’ve had to miss out on a couple of high school activities because I couldn’t get the day off, and it sucked-especially with this being my senior year.

Having the money is nice and all, but I should have never believed that making money now was more important than living my best life this year. Sure, it was fun at the time to have money, but I never spent any of it wisely. As a teenager, I don’t have a lot of bills and such, but I still have to pay for a lot of items myself. That was all by my choice though. Except for payments to my parents for my car because I am a responsible young adult and I actually know what it’s like to have what you could call ‘bills’.

I’ve had to skip out on going to sporting events, hanging out with friends that I might never see again after graduation, and just avoid any spontaneous outings because I just don’t have the time. I wasn’t able to make it to almost the entire first month of musical practices because my schedule was packed, and I missed out on a lot of fun stressful nights. My sophomore year I swam and it was the happiest I had ever been, but I never got to get in the pool again with BNFF because I thought money was more important.

Looking back on my choices, I don’t regret them. They’ve helped me appreciate every day off that I have to the fullest, and I live my life instead of simply existing whenever I have the chance. Be spontaneous, go on that last minute trip if you get invited or invite friends on those trips and buy that random thing if you have the money to blow. As long as it’s not hurting anyone, just live.