Newly named “Snowflake Dance” gathers students in a night of fun

High school students attended a dance at the Elk’s Lodge on Friday, January 25. Previously named “Winter Formal”, the Snowflake Dance attracted a large portion of the student body.


The candidates for the 2018-19 Snowflake Dance King and Queen were seniors Dillon Weichel, Joy Ondrak, Toriann Likens, Colton Starck, Janessa Swanda, RJ Suey, Nichole Harris, Dalton Buxton, Jessa Eden, and Trent Arnold. Swanda and Suey were crowned. Photo by: K. Starck

One thing that remained constant was the crowning of a king and queen. The coronation occurred directly prior to the dance. Seniors RJ Suey and Janessa Swanda were voted royalty by their peers among four other nominees.

“I was honestly surprised when I won,” Suey said. “I was really honored though; it means a lot to me.”

screenshot 2019-01-29 at 11.53.48 pm

Alexis Tracy ’19 displays her moves in the crowd. Prior to the dance, students could request songs of their choice. Photo by: M. Lierman

The dance’s official start time was 8:00 p.m.. This gave students time after school to prepare in various ways for the dance. In some cases, they helped others get ready as well.

“My mom put rollers in my hair before I did Marissa’s [Rogers ’20] makeup, and then I did my own makeup and my mom did my hair,” Swanda said. “I think this was one of the most fun dances we’ve had in a long time!”

Not one attendee’s night was the same as another, and each had their own experience to remember. Freshmen attending their first Snowflake Dance are no exception. Anna York ’22 claimed that the night went as she expected it to go.


Couple Chance Amundson ’20 and Ellie Ohlde ’21 share a slow dance. Slower songs were scattered throughout the night’s playlist. Photo by: J. Johnson

“Overall, I believe that the dance was a fun time with my friends,” York said. “It was fun to spend quality time with other students. My favorite part of the night was dancing like nobody was watching with my friends; I was carefree of what people thought.”