Anatomy and Physiology searches for evidence in mock crime scene


Seniors Mikasa Lierman and Isaac Robertson collaberate on a worksheet in Mrs. Fisher’s Anatomy and Physiology class, discussing whether or not Robertson’s self-collected fingerprint was a ridge or a swirl. Photo by: Nichole Harris

On Monday January 7, Mrs. Kari Fisher’s Anatomy and Physiology class participated in a mock crime scene experiment. Students in the class used what they had learned about forensics and fingerprinting to dust for fingerprints and identify the “criminal” in the class.

“I liked how she had people in the class act as the “criminals” so we knew it was someone among us and we had to figure out who it was,” RJ Suey ’19 said.

Participating in the mock crime scene helped students to fully understand what they’d been taught and gave them an outlet to apply what that hey learned in real life.

“I enjoyed the crime scene lab because it took what we learned about fingerprints and applied it to real life,” Senior Isaac Robertson said. “I think by trying to catch a “criminal,” it made it more fun and exciting for us while also learning how finding fingerprints work.”