Door decorating rings in the season

This past week FHS students participated in a door decorating competition. The competition was Christmas themed and students decorated their block one doors to earn a prize of breakfast pizza and bragging rights. There was both high school and a junior-high division.

“We based our decision on creativity, neatness, and effort. We picked Mr. Suey’s for the high school portion because it was hand painted and we liked how it pertained to history,” Senior RJ Suey said. “We picked Mr. David’s room because we liked how it was bright and because of how neatly the pieces were cut out and put together. Both doors were creative and different from a typical Christmas theme.”

Classes and certain students worked hard all week to make their designs the best they could. Although there was only one winner, there were plenty of other classes with very neat decorated doors. The door decorating competition is a fun way to wrap up the end of the first semester and get ready for break.

Junior Sara Huss said, “I started on Tuesday after school hanging the white paper on the door. Cora DeBoer helped me with that part. On Wednesday morning I came in at 7:30 am to paint all the lettering on the door. I spent about an hour and a half of time throughout Wednesday when I had a little free time, drawing/painting it. On Thursday morning I came in at 7 am to get it all finished. I wouldn’t have come in so early, but I had a meeting at 7:45 am and I really wanted to have it all done for the contest on Friday. With it being finals week and having a tough workload with the classes I am taking, it was kind of hard to find time to get everything done. However, with the amount of stress I have been under from everything going on, it was a great way to relieve some of the stress in a healthy way. I enjoy being creative and artsy, I just don’t have enough time to do it. I worked on this project on my own with the exception of my sister Emily who helped me hang the stars and Cora who helped me hang the paper. I am a very independent person, so that aspect didn’t bother me at all. My classmates liked to say that, “We helped her by not helping her,” which was very true.”


Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 3.21.41 PM