Convocation on drugs and alcohol cut short due to medical emergency

A medical emergency caused a convocation on the effects of drugs and alcohol to come to a halt in the Burkley Fine Arts Center on Thursday, November 29. Prior to the incident,  students and staff tuned into Ray Lozano, the speaker for the afternoon.

Statistics and personal experiences were combined to convey the real consequences of drugs and alcohol. The audience engaged with applause and raised hands in response to various questions.

“He [Lozano] was really building up to something decent,” Riley Wood ’21 said. “He was very energetic and humorous.”

student convo

Seniors Dillon Weichel and Braden Graham listen intently as guest speaker Ray Lozano presents some key ideas. Lozano focused on the effects of drugs and alcohol on today’s youth. Photo by T. Shellhase

In the middle of the convocation, staff rushed to the aid of a student experiencing a seizure. Emergency services were contacted immediately, and instructions along with information about the student’s medical history were exchanged over the phone. The convocation came to a halt minutes later as most of the attention was directed towards the medical emergency near the back of the auditorium. An evacuation to students’ seventh-period class was carried out upon the arrival of paramedics.

ray lozano

Guest speaker Ray Lozano uses emotion to get his message across to the audience. Lozano engaged students with humor and interactive questions. Photo by J. Johnson

“I think everyone handled it as professionally and as calmly as possible,” Shelby Klaumann ’21 said.

At this time, it has not been decided whether or not Lozano will return to finish the rest of the convocation.