Wrestle-offs determine varsity spots

On Wednesday November 21st, the wrestling team held their wrestle-offs to determine who would hold the varsity spot for each weight class.

The wrestle-offs are used to find the varsity line up and to see who will be wrestling at the first meet as well. Some wrestlers like senior Autumn Branson were worried about how they would do. Branson was worried because of her shoulder, and wasn’t sure if her shoulder would be able to handle wrestling.

“You get to see how you stand with other people on the team at or around your weight class,” Branson said.

Branson wrestled against Isaiah Vculek ’22 and she won for the 106 spot.

“I will admit, it was a good fight,” Branson said.

Domenic Hyson ’22 said that he was pretty nervous for the wrestle-offs and the upcoming season, but that it feels pretty good being on varsity as a freshman.


Domenic Hyson ’22 wrestling against Seth Firmanik ’20 in the wrestle-offs. Hyson lost the match but still got the varsity spot for 195. Photo by T. Gustafson