Excess amount of snow affects school hours

On Monday, November 26th Fairbury Public Schools had a snow day due to an excess amount of snow. Fairbury in total had about eight and a half inches of snow. There were no activities or practices that day for students and staff. Following the snow day, FPS had a 2-hour late start Tuesday morning with no morning activities.

Students and staff all spent their days’ doing various amounts of activities. Some spent their day sleeping, some doing homework, and some even had to go to work.

“I went to Lincoln on our snow day,” Senior Bryn Livingston said. “I had a doctors appointment that I just wanted to get over with so I wouldn’t have to go up a different day this week.”

“I helped my grandpa after he got his ATV stuck in the snow trying to feed his cows,” Senior Rj Suey said. “I also ordered copies of all of my senior pictures and watched a lot of netflix.”

The two-hour late start on Tuesday affected students’ schedules if they have an open period one. With a two-hour late start, the day starts with period three and period one comes later throughout the day. This makes it so that students have to show up at the beginning of the day instead of showing up a little later.

“I felt like the day went on forever Tuesday.” Suey said.