South Pacific prepares for a weekend performances

The cast and crew of this year’s school musical South Pacific put on a dress rehearsal performance yesterday. They had an audience of junior high and Jefferson Students for the first act. The second act was run through without an audience. The rehearsal was put on in an effort to prepare for this weekend’s showings.

“I thought our dress rehearsal went really well,” Lauren Patton ’20 said. “It was cool to see it all piece together with an audience. There were a few minor things that got smoothed out during the performance that I was a bit nervous for, but from what I saw we all did really well.”

Patton says she is proud of her cast and that she hopes this weekend goes smoothly with no mess ups. Jayson Klauman ’19 agrees with Patton about the success of dress rehearsal. He also hopes this weekend’s shows go well.

“I thought the dress rehearsal went very well,” Klauman said. “It was definitely the best we have performed the show in its entirety . I hope the weekend shows build off of the dress rehearsal by continuing to improve from night to night.”



Dakota Gladson ’19 plays the part of a lieutenant. In the play he falls in love with a islander played by Lauren Patton ’20. Photo by J. Ondrak


Jayson Klauman ’19 and Michaela Buchli ’19 have a conversation about a dinner party. Klauman plays a french plantation owner who falls in love with Buchli’s character, a nurse at the military base on the island. Photo by J. Ondrak