Band entertains Cedarwood residents

The morning of Wednesday November 14, the high school band travelled to Cedarwood Assisted Living to perform for the residents there.

“I enjoy going to play music at the nursing homes because it’s likely some of them used to be in band when they were in high school,” Hailie Nicholson ’21 said. “When we get the chance to help them relive those memories it helps us gain a more personal bond with the elders in our community.”


Alyxzandria Kuzelka ’22, Adaline Linscott ’22, and Briaunna Knothe ’21 play the instrumental version of “Timber” by Ke$ha for the residents of Cedarwood Assisted Living. Photo by: Nichole Harris

The band played Timber, Fanfare of the Unsung Hero, We’re Not Gonna Take It, Rocky, and service songs from the different military branches.

“My favorite part was when they stood up when we played their service song.” Payton Firmanik ’21 said.

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