FCCLA Travels to Kentucky to gain leadership skills

This past weekend a group of students from FCCLA travelled to Kentucky for a few FCCLA Leadership Conferences. Students competed in a variety of FCCLA sponsored events. They also stopped at Churchill Downs and the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.

“I really liked the Louisville Slugger museum and Factory because I’m a big baseball/softball fan, and that was just really fun for me,” Mallonee Biehl ’21 said.

Taylea Mills ’19 competed in the FCCLA Skills Demonstration Event and showed off her culinary knife skills. She scored in the silver category. RJ Suey ’19, Izze Schwab ’20, Hannah Knigge ’20, Josi Mans ’21, and Taryn Arnold ’21 made up the LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl. The team went 1-2 in their pool play and ended up in 11th overall. Mackenzie Layton ’19, Claire Shumard ’20, Jami Mans ’21, Mallonee Biehl ’21, Leah Moyer ’21, Braden Suey ’21, Karly McCord ’21, and Brooke Schmidt ’21 attended 3 Leadership sessions listening to  help them work on their leadership skills.

“It was a great learning experience,” FCCLA Sponsor Tammi Mans said. “Learning how the competitions work and what it takes to be prepared to be competitive at the national level was invaluable.   Every competition runs a little different so the exposure will help me help my students be better prepared for our other district, state and national FCCLA events.”

When the group had breaks from their conferences, they took the opportunity to get to know the city of Louisville better. They explored downtown Kentucky and the Mall St. Matthews. This was junior Claire Shumard’s favorite part of the trip.

“My favorite part was getting to go to one of the biggest malls I’ve ever been to and seeing the city at night,” Shumard said.


All of the students from FCCLA who went to Nashville pose in front of Churchill Downs. Churchill Downs is where the Kentucky Derby is held annually. Photo by H. Knigge


The FCCLA Knowledge Bowl Team takes a quick picture before their competition starts. They each had to take a test before the competition to get seeded for pool play. Photo by H. Knigge