Spanish class utilizes visual learning techniques


Sophomores Joshua Robertson and Riley Stewart laugh out loud after classmate Ethan Smith ‘22 refers to himself as a trash can. Photo by: Nichole Harris.

On Friday, November 9, Señora Johnson’s Spanish I class celebrated the idea of visual learning with a class activity to help the students better understand Spanish prepositions. Students were given cards with different prepositions written on them and had to find a creative way to demonstrate the preposition to the class.

“I had “al lado de” and I just followed around Señora Johnson the whole time. It was fun.” Jason Hughes ‘20 said.

Visual learning techniques like the ones used in Señora Johnson’s class can really help students get a better grip on the Spanish language.

“Me being under the table definitely will help me remember the preposition for ‘under.’” Freshman Ethan Smith said. “Being in the action and doing something instead of sitting there trying to remember is a lot more effective.”