Publications win 18th Cornhusker award



On Nov 5, the Fairbury High School journalism staff received its 18th Cornhusker Award from the Nebraska High School Press Association (NHSPA) for the online publication of the Fairbury High School X-Ray.

The Cornhusker Award is the highest evaluation rating from the NHSPA. These awards are given to publications that exhibit excellence in all areas of journalism.

This Cornhusker is Fairbury’s 18th since 1992 when the NHSPA starting using the term Cornhusker for the top publications in the state. It is the first Cornhusker for the X-Ray.

The editor-in-chief for the X-ray senior Nichole Harris developed the new format for the publication as a way to provide more timely news at Fairbury High School.

“When I first got my hands on the X-Ray, it was basically a blank canvas and I had full control over what I changed, but I also didn’t have any prior experience in web design or any idea of what NHSPA even actually critiqued,” Harris said. “A lot of it was just me trusting my instincts and hoping it was all right, so it’s a huge relief to know I hit it right on the mark.”

As the staff heads into 2018-19, new editor-in-chief Josephine Blatny ’20 plans to take the evaluations to improve the Cornhusker winning publication. She is adding features to the site to make it more interactive for readers

“Luckily for me, Nichole did a great job creating the X-Ray and has also helped me make a few adjustments,” Blatny said. “One thing I did was eliminate some of the categories that we tag stories to so we won’t have categories without stories in them.”

Both the school yearbook the Trail  and newspaper the Blazer received Superior ratings just missing Cornhusker awards.

2018 Staff PhotoStaff member for were 2018 seniors Evie Schwab, Emily Burkley, Delainey Stewart, Destini Warnke, Caitlin Nimmich, McKenna Troxel and Paige Livingston; 2019 Seniors Nichole Harris, Joy Ondrak, Mikasa Lierman and Tayler Shellhase; 2020 Seniors Josie Blatny, Hannah Knigge, Jaelle Johnson and Carson York.