Spanish Classes gives students an opportunity to learn about Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated on November 1st. Although marked throughout Latin America, Dia de los Muertos is strongly associated with Mexico, which is where it originated.

Isadora schwab ’20 said,”This week we started watching CoCo and learned about some history of the day of the dead. CoCo is a great movie and a really cool part about is that some of the characters were actually famous people. In Spanish 3 we researched some of these people and it was very interesting.”

Dia de los Muertos honors the dead with festivals and lively celebrations. Fairbury Spanish classes have been learning about this Latin Holiday throughout this week. Students have been working on projects, sculpting skeletons, and other traditional holiday activities.

To celebrate the lives of the deceased, people have parties and bring their favorite foods and drinks.  Celebrating this special day is to help the Spanish students at FHS learn about the culture and importance of this holiday.

Senorita Evenson demonstrates to her class on how to make they’re project. The students have been working on projects all week.