Husker fans need to chill out with Frost

Whether someone is a Husker football fan or not, if they have been living in Nebraska for the past 10 months they have more than likely heard the name: Scott Frost. The former starting quarterback for Tom’s Osborne’s 1997 championship team made his return to Nebraska for this year’s season.

Despite all the hype that has surrounded the so-called “Frost Era” it is no secret that Husker fans are less than pleased with the 0-6 record. Although national media is quick to point the finger at Frost, true Husker fans trust him and understand the problem lies far beyond what the coaching staff can control.

The showcase of undisciplined play against Purdue was enough for anyone to recognize the Huskers have a problem. When there were reserves dancing on the sidelines before kickoffs and players on the field trash talking the other team’s sideline it makes us look unprofessional. Frost even said,” [It makes us look] like one of the most undisciplined teams in the country.”

Let’s face it: the Huskers have become accustomed to losing. When a team is down 13 points and players are dancing on the sidelines they obviously aren’t too upset about losing. Not to mention the repeated penalties we gave up by roughing-the-passer and late hits out of bounds. After a tough loss to Purdue, Frost recognized what needed to fixed and that’s the culture. What the Huskers really need are some leaders who are going to step up and build a culture of positivity.

Going into this season everybody should have known that this would be a building year. After a 4-8 season last year, having an amazing season this year would have taken a miracle. Although Scott Frost is a great coach, and honestly probably the best thing for this program, he is a coach, not a miracle worker.