Boys have no reason to be scared

In the months following the beginning of the #metoo movement, started by Tarana Burke, there has been some upset from the straight male community. For those who have never assaulted or harassed another human being, there is nothing to worry about.

I’ve seen Facebook posts shared that talk about how young men are scared because they can be falsely accused of raping somebody or harassing a woman. There are people around us every day who have experienced this, and we just don’t know about it.

Statistically, around 90 percent of adults who are raped are female according to and This number, when put to scale with the average number of rape victims per year, is around 289,350 women a year.

The important thing to remember is that not only women are raped and assaulted, but some men will also unfortunately experience these activities at some point in their lifetimes. With the Me Too campaign, men and women started to come forward with their stories to show other survivors of sexual assault they are not alone.

A Navy Seal’s mother started to advocate for #HimToo by posting on Twitter that her son was as scared as ever to go out on blind dates, or even go out to a bar because he was scared that a woman would falsely accuse him of assaulting her.

Little did she know that #HimToo started during the #MeToo campaign for the men who wanted to share their stories too.

Ultimately the mom’s tweet backfired and turned into a joke on Twitter, with users tweeting photos of well-known men like Rick Astley and even a beaver. The man in the photo also created a twitter with the handle, @thatwasmymom, and explained that he does not agree with his mother’s statement. His brother originally tweeted about his mom making the story up after a twitter user commented on the original post asking if it was real. I find this hilarious because we all know what it’s like when our parents try to speak for us. In the end, the veteran actually turned against what his mom said and wrote, “Let’s turn this around. I respect and #BelieveWomen . I never have and never will support  #HimToo.”

There’s probably a greater chance of being struck by lightning than being falsely accused of sexual assault, so don’t be scared to go out with somebody. If someone feels scared to do that then they should be scared whenever there’s even a drop of rain. Boys, just keep living life; respect everyone and remember that as long as nobody actually sexually assaults someone, there’s no reason to worry. Everyone just needs to take a seat and turn off Fox News for a little while.