FFA members travel to Syracuse

On Wednesday October 3rd, 2018 Fairbury FFA members traveled to Syracuse to compete in the Southeast District Land Judging contest. There were over 164 other students that participated from over 16 other schools.

To compete in land judging students need to know a lot about soil science and the characteristics of different soils. Students must be able to judge the texture of the soil, permeability of the soil, and the depth of the soil. After students find these characteristics, they use their land capability chart to figure out what the land capability class is of the area of the field. From there they figure out what the land treatments to use on the particular capability class they decided on.

The students also had to put a lot of time into practicing for the competition. In Mr. Dux’s Introduction to Agriculture class the students went over the specifications for each area of land judging, but for the students who do not take that class met for 2 weeks in the morning to practice and go over specifications.

“I think overall the students had a great experience land judging. Brigham Scheetz received a red ribbon and Delaney Miller received a white ribbon. I was really excited for Brigham to represent our chapter well as a freshman and for Delaney to receive this award her senior year.” Ag teacher Thomas Dux said.