Remember life is always changing

Changes in life are inevitable. It’s one thing that almost everyone is scared of, whether they admit it or not. Personally, I can admit that big changes scare me: graduating, moving out, going to college. All of these are the next big steps in life for me, but one of the biggest changes that many students have gone through would be adjusting to the new schedule.

Right now, it not only seems hard, it is hard. The transition from four classes a day to eight is tough, especially for involved students. Of course I’m not talking about the freshmen, they’ve only known period scheduling.  Having up to eight classes worth of homework on a game day is stressful. Not getting home until almost nine o’clock and having to worry about an hour or more of homework sucks. Even for the kids who have jobs, it’s tough.

There are a lot of complaints that come with the schedule, but there are some positives too. Now students won’t have to go almost a full year without math if they took it their first semester their freshman year then second semester sophomore year and with semester classes there are more opportunities for students interested in certain fields.

Even if some of these changes aren’t to help you, you can use them to your advantage. Take some of the classes you’ve always been interested in, get a head start on college courses. Study hall is no longer just for music students. Do what you have to in order to make yourself a more productive and efficient student. Remember that you’re only here for so long, so don’t let one change ruin the rest of your experiences in high school. Life goes on, don’t waste it complaining.  It’s hard, but I’d like to think the administration wouldn’t have made the switch if we couldn’t handle it.