Girls golf braves rain for districts

The FHS Girls Golf team took part in the district golf meet at Hidden Valley in Lincoln on Monday. Casey Nimmich ’20 finished with an overall score of 132, Lauren Patton ’20 with 135, and Brooklen Bear ’21 with 145.

The weather was cold and rainy, Mr.Martin the girls golf coach said that the weather affected how the girls played and made it hard to have a good swing.

“I got really excited because we went to that meet a couple days before and I shot a 106 on 18 holes, which probably would’ve gotten me to state, so I had the confidence that I could like make it to state, and we show up to the meet and it’s like freezing outside and it’s raining which really isn’t good weather for golf because if you shoot the ball the ball will kind of skid against the grass” Lauren Patton ’20 said.

While the weather at this meet may have affected how the girls played they still had some improvements over the season.

“I think there were definite improvements over the season, Brooklen Bear set her best 9 hole and 18 hole score over the season, Lauren and Casey both set their 18 hole personal bests during the season” Martin said.

The team also had a hard time playing because because districts is set up differently than any of the other regular season tournaments, and the team did not play to their full potential Martin said.

“My team ended up doing pretty rough, and I ended up getting like 30 strokes more than what I wanted to do which is the worst I’ve done all year, at the most important meet of the year, but I think me and Casey Nimmich, if it wasn’t raining we would have had a really good shot at making state.” Patton said, “It was a really rough meet but as far as my team improving, I definitely think that we improved a lot, one of my teammates like improved their score by like 20 strokes, I was shooting like in the 120’s when we first started and by the end of the year I was shooting below 110 so I think we all improved.”