DJ makes sense for dances

As high schoolers we all have our own taste in music, and none of us like the same songs or genres. The Blazer staff believes that for bigger dances, such as Homecoming and Winter Formal, it would be appropriate to hire a DJ.

Hiring a DJ we feel would take a lot of pressure off of the student who makes the playlist. We know that not everyone will like the music at every dance, and sometimes that can get taken out on that one individual. It is obvious that students have high expectations when they go to a dance, which is not fair for one person to have that much pressure on them. Trying to please everyone with the music selection can put a lot of stress on a person.

We believe that a DJ would be a great idea so that they can remix songs, and obviously they know a lot about music so they can play songs that are catchy and get everyone out on the dance floor. A DJ also makes the music feel more anonymous, because everyone knows the student responsible for the music. Therefore, people feel more entitled to express their opinion, but no one has a personal vendetta against a DJ.

Many times, we feel that when a student makes the playlist it is mainly made up of songs that they and their friends like. This then excludes other people who have different music tastes or might not like that music specifically.

Hiring a DJ will hopefully introduce some new music and make it more lively at the dances, which will in return hopefully encourage students to get up and dance more.