NHS elects officers

Screenshot 2018-09-26 at 2.28.37 PM

The 2018-19 NHS Officers. Left to right: Senior RJ Suey, Secretary; Junior Josephine Blatny, President-Elect; Senior Jayson Klaumann, President; Senior Rusti Bassett, Point Chart Recorder; Senior Taylea Mills, Reporter. Photo contributed by Julie Petersen.

On Thursday, September 20, National Honor Society met in adviser Julie Petersen’s room before school in order to elect officers for the new year.

Jayson Klaumann ’19 was voted President-Elect last year and began the year already settled into his role as President. Josephine Blatny ’20 was voted President-Elect, RJ Suey ’19 was voted Secretary, Rusti Bassett ’19 as Point Chart Recorder, and Taylea Mills ’19 as Reporter.

“I am very excited for this year,” Klaumann said. “I feel we have a strong officer team that will help the year run smoothly.”

The newly-elected NHS officer team is looking forward to the new year.

“I always love the blood drive, I always look forward to that,” Mills said. “I always love helping with kids, too.”