JV Football goes to Milford

On Monday the 24th, the Junior Varsity Football Team travelled to Milford. The team had a nail biter, coming up short to the Eagles 12-6. “We did pretty good I thought, we had a lot of pass plays so our pass pro improved” Devin Trimm ’19 said.

The team still has more time to improve for the next Junior Varsity game. “I think our line needs to work on stepping down for our blocks, and our receivers might need to know their routes better.” Trimm said

Next up the JV team plays is Monday, October 1st. They will take on the Auburn Bulldogs.  “Offensively we had some big plays in the passing game. Josh Robertson (’21) caught two deep passes with one of them going for a touchdown. Defensively we did a good job at stopping the run and giving our offense a chance to score and win the game for us. We also caused two takeaways which is huge.”Coach Lenhart said. _MG_8545