Fairbury football fights to the end

Last Friday, the Jeffs lost a tough game to Ashland-Greenwood. The final score was 2-0. The weather conditions were less than ideal raining through most of the first half and finally clearing up for the second. Joe Melcher ’20 won offensive player of the game. Seth Firmanik ’20 won defensive player of the game, and Dalton Buxton ’19 won special teams player of the game. The Jeffs next game will be against the Falls City Tigers this coming Friday.

“I thought we played our best game so far this year,” Bret Cole ’20 said. “We learned a whole new defense in just one week and played it almost to perfection. We had everyone getting to the ball to help make the tackle or force the ball loose. Offensively, I think we did some great things, but we still need a lot of work. We need to protect the ball better and also block better. If we can accomplish that, then we will have a great season.”

Head Coach, Kameron Lenhart said he thought it was an exciting game to be a part of. He though that defensively the team excelled, but just couldn’t capitalize on offense when they needed to. He says the team will work on offensive blocking technique and getting better at understanding assignments. The goal for the Falls City game is simple…beat Falls City!

“We unfortunately had just one more mistake than them that cost us the ball game,” Head Coach Kameron Lenhart said. “I know our guys played with all their heart till the very end. It was a very difficult loss to take.”