18-19 school year starts strong

The 2018-19 school year has officially been in session for a full week, and the past seven days have brought plenty of changes and adjustments to Jeff Nation. Sports have started, clubs have been recruiting, and dances have been held already, leaving no shortage of activities for students to participate in as they welcome in the new school year.

Student Council has had a busy start. In addition to having a work day this summer, they started the year by hosting the convocation of the first day and the soc hop after the football scrimmage Friday night. According to president Joy Ondrak ‘19, they don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

X-Ray photo 1.jpg

Seniors Colton Starck, Mikasa Lierman, and McKenzie Layton all laugh in relief after Starck attempted (and failed) to do a backflip on stage during the first day convocation. Photo by: Nichole Harris

“I’m really excited for Student Council this year because we have a lot of really awesome things planned. We are changing things up a little bit and we’ve decided to do some different things from in the past,” Ondrak said. “We have a great group of leaders in StuCo with a lot of great ideas.”

Of course, athletics and organizations weren’t the only thing that started August 15. Classes began for FHS students as well, and with it cames lot of changes, such as new scheduling, new cell phone policies, and even new classes added to the curriculum. After a long first week of adjustments, Assistant Principal Derek Anderson has high hopes for the rest of the school year.

“The first week has gone as well as most first weeks do,” Anderson said. “It’s still too early to decide on the rest of the year, but I’m hopeful.”

The first seven days are done, now there’s only 269 days to go!