Honor the tradition for tradition’s sake

Seniors have endured twelve years of schooling, the last four of which can take a toll on a person. They have worked hard in classes and in activities during their high school careers, and graduating is the biggest accomplishment they will receive. Hard work has earned the seniors certain luxuries and privileges that the rest of the student body will get in due time.

One of these privileges is senior skip day. The Blazer staff believes that the significance of senior skip day has been undermined by ACT testing, college visits, and “junior skip day.” Senior skip day is intended to give seniors–and seniors only–a well-deserved break from their last year of high school, one they’ve rightly earned for the time and effort they’ve put into their education. However, planning this special day so the rest of the high school students aren’t in class either robs “senior skip day” of its specialness.
Seniors understand that senior skip day is not a right, and we appreciate that the administration designates a day for us to be absent that won’t count against us. However, taking advantage of this day for seniors and planning a college visit for the freshmen and sophomores and the ACT for juniors so that no one else is in class defeats the purpose of a “senior skip day.”

Senior skip day is a time honored tradition that should be continued as it was intended for tradition’s sake. There’s no good reason to rob seniors of something they’ve earned through years of hard work, other than because it’s convenient. Let seniors have their last hoorah–they deserve it.