High school doesn’t last forever

Up to this point in our lives, the struggles of high school are pretty much all we’ve known. We’ve become numb to the drama, the stress and monotonous routines that have developed. We’ve all made mistakes–whether it be of the legal or illegal variety. Friends have been lost, tests have been failed, parents and teachers have been disappointed, but life goes on. I’m here to remind everyone that high school experiences do not define a person.

The whole high school experience is the biggest learning opportunity we will have. It’s all about learning from our mistakes and trying not to make them again but knowing that the world won’t end if we do. It’s about discovering our interest and disinterests, finding a niche and exploring it. We better understand ourselves and what makes our personality, including the people that have an influence on it.

We choose to take these valuable lessons with us beyond high school, and we make choices about what we leave behind. We leave the things that hurt us behind, like toxic friendships and mistakes that have tarnished our reputations. Cut out the people that continue to bring us down,  but keep ties with the ones that fond memories have been made with.

The best thing about leaving high school and going to college is that it’s an opportunity to escape the bad things that followed us through high school and reinvent ourselves in a place where no one knows our past. We have our choice of college, and going somewhere where no one knows your name can be the best choice to start fresh.

Keeping this in mind, do not forget the past as we move on to this new journey. Instead, remember it as something to be better than, a basis for improvement and change. Our reputations won’t follow us into college unless we continue to make the same mistakes and associate with the wrong people. Carefully evaluate the choices and opportunities that will arise and determine if they’re in our best interest. Remember the memories made in this school and town and learn from the mistakes made. Remember that high school doesn’t last forever, and prepare for this next chapter of life.