A hypnotic end to prom night


Keyten Pfingsten ’18, Delaney Miller ’19, and Dawson DeBoer ’18 lean on eachother while passed out and fully under the hypnotist’s spell. Photo by: N. Harris

Every year, prom is followed by post prom, held in the high school and put on by the parents, and every year, those who attended prom look forward to one thing: The hypnotist show.

It has become tradition for a hypnotist show to be one of the last major events at post prom, followed only by seniors and juniors receiving donated gifts. This year, 18 seniors who had said they were willing to be hypnotized were called up on stage. While most succeeded in being hypnotized, some didn’t go under and left the stage to be replaced by Marah Shumard ’18 and Delaney Miller ’19, who were not initially selected to be hypnotized, but went out in the crowd.


Seniors Grant Snyder, Alex Joe, Keyten Pfingsten, and Dawson DeBoer give it their all in the Miss America pageant, where DeBoer would be crowned the winner. Photo by: M. Lierman

The show was filled with a variety of fun prompts for the hypnotized students to follow, ranging from seniors Grant Snyder, Alexander Joe, Dawson DeBoer, and Keyten Pfingsten competing in both a weight lifting competition and the Miss America pageant, to senior Emily Burkley crying over her lost belly button. Seniors Caitlin Nimmich and Myranda Humphrey met who they believed were their favorite celebrities, Miley Cyrus and Leonardo DiCaprio respectively, but were actually Kenna Troxel ’18 and Trevin Arnold ’19. Several hypnotized students, including Traislynn Nicholson ’18, Paige Livingston ’18, and Destini Warnke ’18 all ended their nights with various bumps and bruises from the several spills they took on stage while in a heavy sleep.

“It felt like a dream,” Snyder said. “Only you knew kind of what was going on, but you didn’t really have control over it. I enjoyed it very much.”