Teachers don’t need more responsibility

To many, school and safety have always been words that correspond with each other. Schools have been thought of as a safe haven, a place where people feel secure, a location of protection. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

In response to the recent Florida School Shooting, a new gun law that would arm teachers and staff members of schools has been proposed. The Blazer staff believes this would not only be the wrong decision but could also potentially do more harm than good.

Option 1Schools are responsible for students’ safety, but in the bigger realm of things they are just as responsible for the staff’s safety as well. There is no doubt that staff members already go above and beyond for students. They impact students’ lives far beyond the twelve years they are in school. Staff members already have high expectations, an unending to-do list, and more responsibilities than one could imagine. If guns were to be brought in for the safety of these individuals and students it would only complicate matters further.

It’s added pressure. Staff members would have to go through training, they would have to add yet another huge responsibility to their list, and have to be a part of something they may or may not be comfortable with. Business teacher Logan Kats feels it is way too big of a responsibility for teachers.

“I feel like it is just another added responsibility to the already large list that we already do because it would require training and proper care,” Kats said.

Not only is it a huge responsibility, there are other options that don’t include teachers having concealed weapons. One of the biggest resolutions includes a school resource officer. A school resource officer is defined by the United States Department of Justice as sworn law enforcement officers who are responsible for providing security and crime prevention services in schools (nasro.org). They could and would be a benefit in more ways than one, not only ensuring safety but more trust in the environment of the school itself.

Staff members should not have to undergo a major change like this. When teachers dreamt of having this career at a younger age the thought of having to learn to use a gun would never have crossed their mind and rightfully so. But no matter how the world changes, it still should not have to be a concern. Teachers signed up to spread their knowledge, kindness and love to every student they encounter, they did not sign up to be an officer for the school.

Let teachers continue to do what they love and not require them to change and transition into something that shouldn’t be needed. Leave the teachers to do what they do best: teach.