Make memories tangible

With social media and phones with cameras, it is getting rarer and rarer for people to actually print off pictures they take. Many people just keep them in their phone’s camera roll, saved on a computer, or post them in an album on Facebook or on other social media.

Doing all of this seems like a good idea, but what happens to those pictures if something goes wrong? Phones can be destroyed and all the data can be unrecoverable, computers can crash, and in the future maybe Facebook and Instagram will get deleted.

ACIn the past, the only option was to print the pictures. Grandparents and parents only printed their pictures. My grandparents have always showed me pictures they’ve printed of my parents.

While looking through pictures for graduation, I’ve realized that my parents stopped printing out pictures of me when I was around 6. While yes, the pictures are on a computer and posted on Facebook so I can print them now, what would’ve happened if one of those suddenly stopped working and lost everything?

Sure fires, floods and other things can ruin printed pictures, but those are rare cases. Safes are always available to keep your memories in. Making scrapbooks can be another fun way to store memories.

Another good way to have tangible memories is buying a yearbook! As a senior, it is super fun to look back at what my classmates and I were like as we went through junior high and high school. I would recommend everyone buys one.

Even though it’s easy to throw pictures into an album on Facebook or keep everything on a phone camera roll, don’t rely on social media for memories. Make or buy something that will make memories last a lifetime.