Juniors participate in the ACT

On Wednesday, April 4th, the junior class took the ACT. For some, this wasn’t their first time and for others, this was their first and only time taking this test. After the math portion of the test, the students were allowed a 15 minute break where they were provided with a snack.

“It was my first time taking the actual ACT. I took the practice one obviously and I think that really helped,” Rielee Achtemeier ’19 said, “My score that I’ll get in 5-8 weeks will determine whether or not I take it again.”

The test was over a little before 1:00 pm, and they were allowed to go home as long as they participated in all the test prep sessions. If they weren’t present at all of the sessions, those students had to stay until the bell cleaning the trophy cases.

For taking this test during school, students are rewarded a day off from school on April 19th.