Football star talks to students about the effects of drug use

Nebraska linebacker, Chris Weber, visited FHS on Wednesday, March 28, to relay to students that there are ways to avoid the peer pressure behind drugs and alcohol. He spoke to students during each lunch period. During Weber’s message, Robert Kluge walked around to eat table and handed out stickers from the Elks’ Drug Awareness Program (DAP) that stated “Say No to Drugs.”

“Robert Kluge of the Fairbury Elks Club reached out to us. We thought the anti drug message is very good for all to hear, but seemed very effective at the Junior High level. Students that have made the choice not to do drugs might be affirmed in their decision by having a person such as Chris Weber provide his message,” Principal Nicholas Kroon said, “to see a successful person who is going to be a medical doctor could be very encouraging.”

Following the message, Weber sat at a table where students were able to go ask him for an autographed photo or to take a picture with him.


Junior High students gather around Chris Weber to collect autographs and take a picture with him. Photo by: Nichole Harris