Plant and soil science class gets new experience

Over the past few week Mr. Dux’s 5/6 plant and soil science class has been out in the greenhouse learning about the process of planting. Students have been planting different types of vegetables, flowers and other types of plants.

“The biggest goal is to understand the process. It is a good way to get all the education in.” Mr. Dux says.

The process is a fun thing to learn but can sometimes be challenging and for students who can easily mess things up if they are not careful. To start, Students put their seeds into a flat filled with soil. Next, they water and fertilize the plants. They water and fertilize the plants until they are full size.

After all the plants are complete, Mr. Dux said,” We have a plant sale the last Saturday of April.”Carson_20180327_4211

The students in class get to make their own hanging basket with their own choice of flowers to put inside. They then will have their baskets taken to the plant sale and if they are lucky their basket will be sold first. If their basket is sold first they get prize money.