Trap team goes to first meet of the season

On Saturday, March 17, the Fairbury trap team went to Crete to participate in their first meet this year. The team is made up of 17 students. There are 9 members of the high school team from Fairbury and 8 members from Thayer Central.

“The first meet went very well because we did very well as a team,” Jake Maschmann ’18 said.


Lane Zabokrtsky ’21 aims at the target. His score helped put his team over the top to earn them first place. Photo By: D. Stewart

The results for Fairbury’s shooters are- Brock Barton ’18 shot 79/100, Lane Zaboktrsky ’21 shot 84/100, Maschmann shot 85/100, Riley Stewart ’21 shot 78/100, Austin Massa ’21 shot 71/200, Cashe Kroll ’21 shot 57/100, Kyle Gregory ’21 shot 71/100. The other two members,Thomas Kroeker ’17 and Ethan Hintz ’21, were not present.

“I hope to see us improve throughout the year,” Maschmann said.

The first team for this meet (Barton, Scalar Roop from Thayer Central, Zaboktrsky, Maschmann, and Stewart) earned themselves first place in the 16 yard shoot.