Students participate in nationwide walk out

On Wednesday, March 14, around 50 students took part in a walk out in memory of the 17 lives that were lost in the Florida school shooting. The point of the walk out was to give 17 minutes of silence for each life that was taken.

While the students were outside, they were accompanied by Principal Nicholas Kroon and a couple officers. The Law Enforcement was present to help Kroon answer questions that students might have about the safety of our school and the precautions we take to prevent such tragedy from striking our school.

The walk out was organized by senior Destini Warnke. She created posts about the purpose behind it and posted them onto all of her social media accounts.

“By no means am I anti-gun, but somethings needs to happen. This nation can’t keep repeating this circle of going through a mass shooting, saying we’re going to do something, and then nothing being done. Innocent people are being murdered,” Warnke said. “Schools should be a safe place, not a shooting range.”


Many students sat out front of the school to give 17 minutes of silence for each life that was taken in Florida. Before going outside, the students met in the commons area and walked out together. Photo by: Caitlin Nimmich