FBLA elects new officers for next year

Last night FBLA members met to elect their new officers for the 2018-2019 school year. The new officers were voted on and gave short speeches as to why they should get elected. Your new FBLA officers are as follows: President-Isaac Robertson, Vice President-Joy Ondrak, Treasurer-Devin Holliday, Historian-Jayson Klaumann, Reporter-Josh Robertson. FBLA’s next big event will be their State Competition in April.

“I want to be President because I really like FBLA,” Isaac Robertson ’19 said. “I’ve been in it since Freshman Year, and I’ve had a great time meeting new people and learning new things. I think being President is a great opportunity for me to continue that even more.”


Isaac Robertson ’19 enjoys a slice of pizza during the FBLA Officer Election Meeting. He was elected to be next year’s President.