FCCLA and FBLA to host first Junior High semiformal dance


Marah Shumard ’18 does a twirl while showing junior high students an example of what they could wear to the dance. Photo by: Nichole Harris.

On the night of Friday March 2, many seventh and eighth grade will arrive at the school

to experience their first ever semiformal dance. Though there have been many junior high dances held in the past, they’ve all been casual affairs. FCCLA and FBLA decided to change that for one night.

“The junior high kids were interested in an event like that, where they could dress up.” FBLA adviser Logan Kats said. “We thought it was a great opportunity to give them a chance to dress up and dance.”

Students are bustling with excitement in anticipation of the event, and so are the students and staff putting it on.

“It’s gonna be a success, 100%.” FCCLA member Grant Snyder ’18 said. “I’m excited for tonight.”