Fashion shows, junior high lunch, and outfit examples


Principal Nicholas Kroon helps Grant Snyder ’18 fix his collar before the fashion show. Photo by: Nichole Harris

On February 28, junior high lunch was provided with entertainment and advice along with their meal. FCCLA members Grant Snyder ’18, Izze Schwab ’20, RJ Suey ’19, and Marah Shumard ’18 paraded up and down the lunch tables during lunch, all dressed in their best semiformal attire to give the seventh and eighth grade students an idea of what to wear to the first ever junior high semiformal dance, sponsored by FCCLA and FBLA.

“A lot of the junior high kids asked what they should we wear, so I asked Mrs. Mans if we should just do a little fashion show for them.” Suey said. “It was awkard, but I think informative.”