Child and Development Class gets guest speakers

Mrs. Mans block 5/6 Child and Development class had guest speakers last Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, Erin Starr from JCHL visited with students about prenatal development, health, and child labor. On Friday, new parents Megan and Logan Kats brought their daughter Kyndall and talked with the class.

“I thought having Megan and Logan would help wrap up the unit with our electronic babies,” FCS teacher Mrs. Mans said. “We had three rotations of students taking care of the babies for three days and two nights. I thought it would be fun for the class to compare and contrast their experiences with electronic babies to those of new parents.”

Students in the Child and Development class said they learned a lot both from the speakers and having electronic babies to care for. They feel it has made them better prepared for starting a family in the future.

“Erin Starr’s presentation was a big eye opener on what it’s like to go through labor and the process that you go through while pregnant, giving birth, and right after,” Tori Likens ’19 said. “The Kats was really fun because they brought their baby and they told us all about what having a new born is like. I learned that having kids is scary.”

“Having the robot baby was definitely an experience and it really makes you think about what real moms go through,” Kacy Starck ’21 said. “I learned that I am not ready to be a mom at this age and it makes me nervous for when I do have a baby, but I definitely feel more prepared.”


Erin Starr gives her presentation about child health and development to the class. Erin is the Head Quality Assurance Nurse at JCHL. Photo contributed by FCS teacher Mrs. Mans