Support and empowerment through sidewalk chalk

February is teen dating violence awarenessSince 2013, students have been greeted with a chalked sidewalk on their walk into school every February.  Supportive messages and dating violence statistics catch students’ eyes in the morning and then after the bell rings. These messages are written by Hope Crisis Center, and are intended to raise awareness.

“As a DV/SA program, our goal is to support survivors of abuse and empower our communities with the knowledge and resources necessary to combat violence. We invest a great deal of our time in the schools so violence, abuse, jealousy, possessiveness, and control will not be accepted by future generations,” Development and Prevention Specialist Mandy VanLaningham said. “During February (Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month), we aim to engage students in fun and creative ways. Visualdisplays like our chalk project stick with people in a different way. It catches your attention and challenges you to investigate. Our chalk messages focus on healthy relationships, red flags of abusive relationships, respect, and self-esteem.”


This year, Hope Crisis Center brought their message to Concordia University, Tri County High School, Southern High School, Thayer Central High School, Crete High School, Wilber-Clatonia High School, York Middle School, and the York Public Library along with Fairbury High School.

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