Saying goodbye to familiar faces

It is crazy to think that in a little over 70 days, seniors will be finishing up the last days of our entire high school career. Not to mention after only a few months of summer, we will part and go in different directions.

Some will be going to colleges in different states while others stay back in Fairbury to work. In the end, we will all be going our separate ways, thus putting a toll on our relationships throughout the years that are to come.

Whoever says, “We’ll keep in touch” or “Don’t forget about me” has a positive outlook for the future. Unfortunately, if any adults gets or just about any recent high school graduate get asked, very few find this to be true. Many state that they did not keep in touch with their high school classmates.

I think we, as the class of 2018, can beat these odds. Not only must we make the most out of the time we have left, but we should make a pact for the future to keep in touch.

Compared to generations ago, we have an advantage through technology. In just a matter of seconds, we are able to visit one another’s profiles on different social media accounts.

Let’s not take this factor for granted.

Not only can we do this, we can message each other as well, whether it be on Facebook or Snapchat.

High school is said to be one of the most prominent times in our lives, one that we’ll remember forever. I believe that over the years we all have made at least one relationship that we wish to continue down the road. A special someone we would want to keep in touch with; to see how they turned out in life.

I know that I would rather learn first-hand from the person that they became famous instead of seeing them on television and making a remark of “How I knew them in high school” to the person sitting next to me on the couch.

In the future, step outside your comfort zone. Never be afraid to send that text or message someone because humans are social creatures. We love to talk.

Seniors, let today be the first day we take a leap of faith and get to know a fellow classmate sitting next to us. Who knows when we’ll ever get the chance to again.