Memories made over lessons learned

There is always a toss up of two things. Going on family vacation and missing a week of school or not going on a family vacation so that no school is missed. Missing that much of school could set a busy student behind and it could take a while to get caught back up. It can cause a lot of stress being gone for a week when there are four classes to make up homework in.

Math lessons can be made up or learned again, but memories are held on to forever and are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Take the week off of school to make the memories and have a great time.The homework and lessons will still be there when the vacation is over and it is time to come back to school.

Getting behind in all of your classes is not fun and it is hard and takes a while to get caught back up.It is worth all the memories being made with your family. I was gone for a week when I went to Mexico and I have a lot of homework that I am making up but I would not have wanted to miss out on all the family fun that I had. It might have helped that I only have one to two hard classes but making up the work is so much better.

It only takes about a week or so to get all the makeup work done a turned in. It is nice to have a little break in the middle of the school year. I think that anyone would rather make up homework and not go to school. When you are a senior and your classes are a lot easier than it is easier to take the time off.

Having a week long vacation is much needed for everyone so if the chance is there take it. Don’t regret the things and memories that could have been made. Do them and look back on the great memories and the good times that were made.