An abundance of athleticism

There’s no denying the athletic ability that this high school has to offer. This year alone seven seniors have signed to a college, and we’ve had five state pep rallies in the first two seasons.

There are plenty of great athletes that will leave their careers in high school. God given talent is great, but the true athletes are the ones that keep a positive attitude and worked hard every practice despite knowing they weren’t going to see much playing time.

I believe that hard work should never go unnoticed. I’m not meaning give them a trophy for going out, but if an athlete is really grinding a genuine compliment can fuel their fire even more.  

The athletes here put in so much time and effort to reach the long term and short term goals they have set for themselves. They go to weights early in the morning, practice in the afternoon, and then they compete two or three times a week.

I just want to take time to congratulate everyone of the athletes here in the school. From the athletes that will play collegiately to the athletes that don’t get that much playing time.

I don’t care if they were a state qualifier, or a varsity starter. I want to congratulate the athletes that showed up to practice, and gave it their all day in and day out.

Athletics are a huge responsibility, and they are time consuming. It can be challenging to fit it into a schedule. It can get overwhelming at times on top of school work and a social life outside of school.

Not only are sports time consuming, but it’s physically demanding with weights, practice, and competition. A big chunk of summer is consumed by weights, and camps. Some athletes even go to the length of wrapping up a team for summer competition to stay fresh for the high school season.

There are students in this school that travel over an hour to practice for a select team in Lincoln, or Omaha. They manage to play for this team as well as their high school team. They do it for themselves. They are highly motivated to succeed, and I think that is absolutely outstanding.

Whether they were a state qualifier or not, they were part of a team. They committed and they stuck through. It’s not an easy task to be a part of a team, and I want to congratulate them on going out for a sport and trying their hardest.