FFA Olympics takes the gold

Yesterday the annual FFA Olympics took place in the gym. The hour long convocation was filled with games, FFA trivia, and farm jokes. Some of the games included “Hungry Hippos”,”Pig Herding”,”Donkey Calls”, and an all time favorite, “The Hay Bale Relays.”

“My favorite part of Ag Olympics was watching them (students and staff) eat pudding with no hands,” said FFA member Kennedy Deboer ’20. “I thought it went pretty well overall.”

A big tradition at the Ag Olympics is the “Kiss a pig” fundraiser. The organization distributes jars to each staff member and whoever collects the most money has to kiss a pig in front of the whole school. This year instead of kissing a pig, they decided to go with a lamb instead. The lucky winner of the contest was English Teacher, Ms. Jones. The money they raised will be donated to Relay for Life.

“I think the convo went very well,” said FFA President Michaela Buchli ’19 It ran much more smoothly than last year. It was still a little hectic, but we were better prepared and I think the staff and students enjoyed it.”


English Teacher, Ms. Jones kisses the lamb. Her jar collected the most money for the annual Relay for Life Fundraiser. Photo by E. Burkely


Junior High Representatives, Braden Suey and Domenic Hyson race to carry their hay bale to the finish line. The hay bale relays are an annual tradition at FFA Olympics. Photo by E. Burkely

180222_Emily_0031.JPGLogan Slater ’18 and Zach Holes ’18 work together to try to collect the most balloons for the “Hungry Hippos” game. The winners of this game were freshmen, Ellie Ohlde and Abby Judd. Photo by E. Burkely