The steps to building a shelf

In Mr. Thomas Scott’s eighth grade trades class they are starting to learn how they are going to build a shelf. They watched a five minute video on how to properly put the screws in the wood to hold it together really tight. After watching the video and having things explained to them they went out to the shop. They are using the Kreg K4 jig system to fasten the wood together.

“The kids are using the jig to make a small wood shelf.  They will use the bandsaw, miter saw and the kreg jig to cut out the pieces and assemble the project. Students can individualize the projects by staining them different colors, wood burning and making individual designs into the wood,” Thomas Scott said.

All of them gathered around the table to watch Mr. Scott practice on a piece of wood to see how it is done.Mr. Scott put five different screws in the wood for them to understand how they have to be placed in there. Every year they make something different so it will not always be a shelf.


Mr. Scott and his eighth grade trades class gather around the shop table to see how to properly put screws in a board to hold it together. Photo by: Kenna Troxel