Students sell lemonade to practice entrepreneurship


Christian Haase ’19 sells a classmate a cup of lemonade during C lunch. Each cup was sold for 50 cents and students raised around $100.    Photo by: Delainey Stewart

During Block 7/8, Mrs. Melissa Dux teaches a class that is all about entrepreneurship and information technology. This class put together lemonade stands during B and C lunches on Thursday, February 8.

On Wednesday, Juniors Brandon Hinrichs and Jeremiah Gray sent out emails to the high school student body promoting their lemonade stands. Together, there were three different stands that were competing against each other to see which one could raise the most money. Each stand also hung signs around the school stating the name of their stand and how much each cup of lemonade was being sold for.

“3 Guys 1 Cup included me, Cayman Deboer, Jacob Brubaker, and Kaitlynn Boomgaarn. The point of the project was to teach us the basics of sales and marketing techniques,” Hinrichs said.

One stand was serving their lemonade with slices of lemon and another was giving out ice cubes with each cup to try and bring in the customers. At the end of all lunches, the big winner was the stand with the name of “3 Men 1 Cup” making $44.30. Second place goes to “Easy Breezy Lemon Squeezy” bringing in $36.66. Last but not least was “Sundrop” selling $13.75 worth of lemonade.