Jeffs spell their way to a W-I-N

On February 5th, 10 junior high students travelled to Diller-Odell to compete in the Spelling Bee. After a long day of complicated and confusing words, five students placed.

Brigham Scheetz ’22 placed tenth overall, Zane Grizzle ’22 placed eighth, Alissa York ’22 placed seventh, Alyzxandria Kuzelka ’22 placed fifth, and Caleb Trimm ’22 brought home first place.

“I’m very pleased with how we did.” Sponsor Karen Horky said. “We haven’t had a winner for many years.”

Participating in activities and then excelling at those activities in junior high is a stepping stone for students being involved later in high school.

“Students who excel in Junior High usually have a fair amount of success at the next level.” Assistant Principal Derek Anderson said. “Life isn’t constant, but as long as they continue to work hard and do what they’re supposed to they’ll be fine.”