Letter to the Editor

Students and Staff,

 Recently an article was written about the absence of administration at the NHS ceremony on January 23rd. I feel it is important to respond to this article, explain myself, and let you know that this absence was not intentional. On this particular night, we were to host JH boys basketball. On top of hosting this event, Mr. Anderson asked me to officiate this contest. I typically receive around 300 emails per week (sometimes more) and saw through email correspondence that the NHS ceremony would be hosted on the same evening. Because I would be officiating at the school, I erroneously did not put this event on my personal calendar…I told myself that I would swing over to the NHS ceremony after officiating the basketball game that evening.

When the games were cancelled, I looked at my calendar on the night of the event and believed my schedule to be free for the evening. After putting my kids to bed, I was working on my computer and my wife was scrolling through Facebook. She saw the pictures of the NHS ceremony and asked me if I was supposed to be there. I immediately got a pit in my stomach because I knew that I should have been and wanted to be at that ceremony. I called Mr. Anderson, praying that he was there in hopes that we had representation at the ceremony. It turns out he was not and he fell into the same boat as I did. The next morning, I visited with and apologized to Mrs. Petersen (NHS sponsor) and a group of NHS students in the cafeteria.

 With all of this being said, I realize there is no excuse for not being present. I feel horrible about missing the ceremony and apologize from the bottom of my heart. I have not missed an academic or awards night since I have been here and I continue to fight for recognition of our top academic students. Hopefully my passion for student achievement and character is noticed by things such as my attendance to speech meets, starting the student of the month, the academic wall (which has a place for NHS and high performing students in the classroom and on ACTs), writing letters of recommendations for students when requested, and the countless individual interactions I have had with students praising their great character and academics. Students that score well academically while participating in fine arts, extracurricular activities, jobs, etc. are an inspiration to me. This is why my goal is to never miss anything that has to do with academics and/or character. My absence at the NHS ceremony was a mistake on my part and I truly do apologize, but you must know that this was in no way intentional! I love and appreciate all the efforts of our student body to reach their individual potential and represent our school in a positive way!

 Thank you,

Mr. Kroon