Let’s all cheer for the Crimson and Gold

For me, going to all the sporting events and cheering for the Jeffs has just been a part of my high school experience. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

All the van rides I’ve had with people who have become some of my best friends are the greatest memories I can think of when I think of the past few years in high school.

It makes me sad to think that so many people go through their entire four years of high school without going to a single game and they will never have the fond memories of those times like I do.

I definitely understand that some kids can’t make it because they don’t have a way to get there or they have jobs or other prior engagements and that’s totally okay.

There are many people who show up to Friday night football games or basketball games and the student section is normally close to full.

I think that when someone takes the time out of their night to come watch the game, they should participate in cheering for their team.

As a cheerleader, it makes it so much more fun for me and the rest of us when the crowd is joining in with our cheers and they’re excited about the game. We really appreciate it when people join in with us!

Parents also seem to have trouble with doing this. Lots of times when we are cheering, all we get from the parents are some weird looks. There are always a few people that stand up everytime and clap along. If they don’t, it makes it kind of awkward to be cheering.

My advice is to go to as many events as possible and have fun in the crowd cheering and enjoy those moments because high school goes by fast and soon those times will just be memories.