Acknowledge academic accomplishments

It’s common knowledge that sports are the most revered and attended events in our school. We have athletes who will go on to play college-level athletics, win awards and continue to accomplish great things with their athleticism.
However, The Blazer believes students in our school are often overlooked as being high achieving students before being accomplished athletes.
We believe there should be equal representation of administrative staff at events recognizing academic accomplishments as there is at sporting events, namely the National Honor Society inductions.
Current NHS members, inductees and parents alike were confused and upset by the lack of administration, and other staff, in attendance at the formal NHS induction ceremony, especially because NHS is one of the biggest honors a student can receive. They are recognized for their scholarship, leadership, service and character– the four pillars of National Honor Society. NHS members are NATIONALLY recognized for these qualities, yet they weren’t properly recognized by those in charge of our school.
We understand our administration has families, and miscommunications happen,and they do many uncredited things for our school as it is, but it’s irksome that not one of them could take roughly 30 minutes out of their Tuesday evening to witness some of Fairbury’s finest scholars receive a nationally recognized honor.
Additionally, we don’t think that simply forgetting the event was happening is a valid excuse. Administration, NHS members and families were informed of the date, time and location in December. It has also been in the school announcements every day for at least the last week for staff and students .
Members of NHS maintain high GPAs, are considered leaders of the school by their peers and staff and are active in volunteer work in the school and community. We believe they should be recognized as such by ALL administration and staff.
Furthermore, many of the members are also recognized athletes in the school, but they are students first and foremost. Accomplishments and scheduled events of athletics shouldn’t take priority over academic accomplishments.
We appreciate what the administration does for us, the student body. They are constantly having to deal with crises, running athletic events in addition to their other administrative duties.
However, missing important academic events in the lives of the students who depend so heavily upon them for support and guidance is not right. NHS members have earned the honor of their attendance.