Jeffs 2nd round loss to Centennial

Tuesday January 30th, the boys basketball team traveled to Centennial to face the Broncos in their 2nd round game of the SNC conference tournament. The team faced a loss 36-65.

“The problem on offense was that we couldn’t make a shot,” Chance Amundson ’20 said. “They didn’t have anything special, they were just making all of their shots.”

Scoring for the Jeffs was Joseph Melcher ’20, Dalton Petersen ’20, Chance Amundson ’20, and Zach Holes ’18 all with two points, Bret Cole ’20 and Kellen Parrack ’19 with six points, and Cayman DeBoer ’18 and Adam Wasserman ’18 both with eight points.


Chance Amundson ’20 drives past his defender from Centennial. Photo by: N. Harris