7th graders receive honor for video

On January 31st three 7th grade students were presented with a check for their work in making a safety PSA video. Brant Gillham, Salvador Chavez, and Seth Engelman ’23 were asked to submit a 3-5 minute PSA video and they chose

JOY 2.png

Competition director hands Seth Engelman a check as a reward for their success in creating a PSA video. Photo By: N, Harris

what to do in an emergency in case a tornado strikes. Of the 40 videos submitted statewide the Fairbury submission achieved runner-up.

Gillhaum, Chavez, and Engelman ’23 received a $100 check that can be used for a fun activity in their science class. This was the first time students from Fairbury entered in the contest. Mrs. Emily Winter, teacher, likes the project because it works on kids’ presentation skills and they had a lot of flexibility when making the video.

“This project is really good for students and they did an awesome job,” Emily Winter said.